Temenos Tribe Throwdown

As many of you already know, we had our first ever Temenos Tribe Throwdown this past Saturday. Honestly we weren’t sure what to expect or how it would all pan out, but we wanted to do something for the members that would help them prepare for the Okanagan Valley Throwdown in early January. We also just wanted to do something to give back to the members who work hard all year and show up every day willing to sweat and suffer and improve.

We have done events in the past and they have been super successful (Renee Day pt1 & 2, Temenos 1000, MegaWOD, etc.), but none of them required the precision and timing that this event did. I think it’s safe to say that the event was a success, don’t you? We had a full house of both participants as well as spectators, and all of the events ran smoothly. That’s quite the feat for our little gym, especially when you consider the intricacy of the events themselves; they were elegant and well thought out, and made for a very exciting event.

Thank you to all of you who participated, and to all of you who came out to support and cheer. I cannot express in words how awesome the atmosphere was (you just needed to be there), but rest assured that it was something to see.

Our champions are :

REC podium finishers :

1st : Gorgeous Gorges (Megan and Jeremy)

2nd : Nice Guys (Anita and Nathan)

3rd : Wonder Women (Eva and Corrina/Sydney)

COMPETITIVE podium finishers :

1st : Tankers (Lauren and Mark)

2nd : Hustlers (Bliss and James)

3rd : Firebreathers (Gill and Ian)


Finally, thank you to the Temenos Team members who made it all happen. Thank you to David, who was irreplaceable on the day of the event. Thank you especially to your coaches Renee and Sarah; without them this event would not only not have been as smooth and awesome as it was, it never would have happened at all. This event was their idea, and their show to run, and I think that they did a stellar job.

We also had our annual awards ceremony after the event, which we will post about later this week (three of the awards winners don’t know theyve won yet 😉  )

Once more, thank you all, and we look forward to doing it all again next year!