Anita is the proud owner of Temenos Athletics.

She began her coaching journeys about 10 years ago where she taught a variety of group fitness and aerials classes including TRX, bootcamp and silks. From there she invisioned what her own space might look like one day. That day came in the fall of 2021.

Temenos Athletics began when Pete purchased the gym in 2015 formerly named, CrossFit Glenmore. The name "Temenos," prunounced teh-muh-nowz, is Greek and means "a sacred precinct" or a "sanctuary;" the ideal name for a safe space of community and gathering. Where every being who enters through our doors is accepted for who they are.

Anita and Sam's goal is that Temenos Athletics feels like a second home, a community, a place to make friends, a place of cheer and support. Where one can come and forget about their lows and push their limits for the day. Our focus is on functional movement and technique to increase longevity in people's lives; not only physically but mentally. We want to build mental and physical strength that can play important roles in other areas of our member's lives outside of the gym.


There is nothing easy about what we do here, and you will be challenged everyday to redefine your own boundaries. The word Temenos itself refers to a temple enclosure or court in ancient Greece: a sacred precinct. We feel that this accurately describes how we view our space and our practices, because the training we engage in together transcends physical growth. It builds and sharpens not only your body, but your mind and willpower as well. The relationships you form with the people at Temenos that share the process with you will be unique as well. They will become your extended family; individuals that share your desire for self refinement, and will share in your suffering and your greatest triumphs.

You don't need to look or perform like a god to train with us. Far from it, in fact. You do not require any prerequisite ability. We do not care about your current level of fitness, or your limitations; together we'll locate your starting point, and build from there. We will give you all that we can; all you need to bring is your Effort.

Our mission is to take you, as you are, and help you reach a place above and beyond what you thought you were capable of. To assist you in becoming a stronger human being, in every sense of the word. To show you that what you thought of as extraordinary, is in fact within your reach.

Anita Davidson - Owner / Coach

Throughout Anita’s life, she has been very active in sports and fitness. She competed in downhill skiing and played competitive soccer. The fundamentals of those sports still play a large part in Anita’s fitness involvement today.

Anita started working in the fitness industry 11 years ago and since then has taught a variety of fitness classes including aerials, TRX, step and aqua fit. Anita is very passionate about pre- and post-natal fitness after her journey with her own two children. During both pregnancies, she maintained an active lifestyle by incorporating functional fitness at Temenos Athletics. She strives to influence the mamas in her community to maintain a healthy balance of fitness during their pre- and post-natal journeys.

Anita currently holds CrossFit Level 2 certificate and CrossFit Kids along with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Anita’s favourite movement is double unders and she excels at skipping with a heavy rope.

Samantha Hanley - Coach

Samantha loves to teach. She holds passion in empowering individuals of all ages into growing mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sam holds a Master of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) where she specializes in supporting families in creating behaviour change; emotionally, cognitively and socially.

She has been teaching group fitness for 10 years and has done so in many facilities. Sam holds CrossFit Level 2 certification and has been involved in CrossFit style training for over 5 years. Sam loves Olympic Lifting and has qualified for Provincials twice, in two weight categories.

Her favourite lift is the Snatch; she also isn’t afraid to tell you how great thrusters are.

Sarah Jaklic Coach

Sarah has been passionate about fitness throughout her entire life. She grew up playing many sports, including hockey which she still plays today. Sarah has been encouraging functional fitness for over 15 years and has found her focus to be empowering people to take their health into their own hands. Furthermore, to look at their relationships with food and movement and how it can play a major role in their lives, influencing their energy, hormones and inflammation. Sarah’s passion shines bright as she holds personal anecdotes relating to health and fitness allowing her to further understand and relate to others’ journeys.

Sarah is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who holds a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education. Sarah has a soft spot for mama’s and their pre- and post-natal experiences as she is a mother of twins and has experience working with many mamas. Sarah’s favourite workout is “Helen”. She loves exploring outside, whether that’s atop Kilimanjaro with her husband, Peter, or participating in a local adventure race involving biking, kayaking and running.

Jane Muskens - Coach

Jane holds a Masters Degree in Science and has worked for 30 years in post-secondary education. Jane first found CrossFit and the original CrossFit Glenmore when she was 50 years old. In fact, she was the only woman in the 6am class. After many years of being involed with the sport, she completed her CrossFit level 1 certification. Jane coaches our master’s classes and loves showing the older community how beneficial functional fitness can be in their everyday lives. Jane loves to travel and when she does, she ensures that there is a CrossFit box close by. She knows there’s always a welcoming community when it comes to CrossFit or functional fitness gym, her favourite to date is one in Cambodia. Jane’s favourite workout is Santa Cruz 500 aka Chuck Norris. She is also an avid runner and enjoys cycling with her husband John.

Paulo Henrique - Coach

Paulo is a Crossfit level 1 trainer with a bachelors in Physical Education. He comes to us with over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry, leading group fitness classes of various modalities such as TRX suspension training, spinning, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit. Alongside coaching roles, Paulo is passionate about martial arts, holding a brown-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a certification in the Training for Warriors system, a methodology of training based on the conditioning strategies of martial arts. Paulo has been a fitness enthusiast since childhood, and strongly believes in the power of community support and shared commitment to positive change.

Shantel Bingley - Coach

Shantel has been involved in and competing in various sports for over 10 years. She has experience (and medals) in, but not limited to: grappling, karate, jui jitsu, obstacle races, and Crossfit but is most passionate about competing in Powerlifting. In 2013, Crossfit first came into her hometown gym in Perth, Ontario. Transitioning from mindless gym workouts to joining Crossfit was a new challenge she immediately fell in love with. The strength mentally and physically gained from working out within such a community allowed her to find her passion of Powerlifting. This is where she learned to push her limits and resulted in her joining the Canadian Army, becoming an Armoured Crewman. During her military career, she competed in multiple Powerlifting and Crossfit events as well as having completed a “Mountain Man” marathon with a 35 pound ruck. Upon completion of her contract, she left Edmonton and moved to beautiful Kelowna to enjoy a more outdoor and active lifestyle. Shortly after moving, she returned to Crossfit to find that community again. Shantel holds various courses through Crossfit as well as her previous military experience. She loves showing people the amazing things their bodies can accomplish, and more specifically empowering women to feel strong; mentally and physically.
Mandy Hendrickson - Coach
Mandy is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, with a passion for people and performance. In July 2022 she stepped into her first ever functional fitness class and has not looked back ever since. Playing numerous competitive sports such as hockey and volleyball growing up, as well as living on a grain farm in the bitter winters of Manitoba, has definitely contributed to her competitive edge. A relatively recent BC resident, Mandy has found a connection between women’s hockey and Temenos. In her free time, she can be found at the gym, training for another half marathon PR, or hiking with her two favourites (Emma and Fraser).   Mandy also has a passion for dismantling stigmas associated with nutrition, and body image. Throughout the years, she found many exercise spaces were less than helpful in gaining a strong self-identity and confidence. Since entering the world of Temenos, she is ecstatic to report that the community has only shown positivity towards bodies and encourages a balance between nutritional advice, and enjoyment. Food and movement are such a foundational part of the human experience, and she is excited to share that with you!