April Food Challenge!

Hello Everyone!


We are excited to talk about our April challenge! There has been some talk about the Whole30, what it entails and how great it will be to accomplish this with the support of Temenos.


Here is just some information on what April will look like, as Friday during the social we can answer all your questions and talk about how to prep for the next week to make the switch to Whole30 easier.


What is the Whole30?

  • It’s similar to Paleo but another step up! What we love about this program is it does not focus on weight loss or muscle gain. It focus’ on individual health. Certain foods can be more problematic than others, so for 30 days we are taking those foods out of our diet to see how our life can transform. The great thing about this program it is not just about food, but habits as well (why do we eat the foods we do, why do we over consume certain foods and why are we so emotionally attached to a certain food). This program will challenge us to be more aware of how our bodies feel with certain food and habits.
  • They have a great website with TONS of info- so check it out! www.whole30.com


What will I get out of it?

  • A puppy….. No I am just joking. But in all seriousness you may have a life changing experience. You will probably never look at food the same way, whether you now look at how much sugar is added to foods, or your taste buds will change, or realize eating less inflammatory foods helps your joints. Whatever it could be- how cool is it to have a chance to see what our bodies will tell us! Just 30 days guys!


What can I expect over the 30 days

  • March 31st @ 6:30pm
    • Sign up and starting point
      • Before pictures (whatever people are comfortable wearing) to see body transformations
      • Renee had a great idea to do a workout this evening, record and then retest at the end of the 30 days!
  • April 22nd
    • Sarah Patterson and I will host a workshop ($10 drop-in) on how to transition Whole30 life into sustainable living 
    • We will go over the proper way to reintroduce foods, how to create balance in your life and tips on how to stay on track with your goals. So May 1st your not eating a huge loaf of bread with 9 scoops of peanut butter sprinkled ice cream on top of it.
  • May 1st
    • Re test workout
    • After photo
  • May 6th
    • Potluck party and bring your favourite meal you discovered over the month
    • Here to celebrate and congratulate everyone keeping each other accountable


How do I know what to eat?

  • Pete and I have some great cookbooks that we will bring to the gym for everyone to get inspired by! We will also be creating a Facebook group for anyone that wants to sign up to share ideas, tips and yummy recipes.
  • Just because you can’t have dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol and some other foods does not mean your life is over! It is just 3o days! 

Hope to see everyone Friday!