The main goal is to give you the tools and accountability to optimise your nutrition, and in turn excel in the gym and in your active lifestyle. This looks different for everyone. For some this may be to learn about food timing to optimise workouts and recovery, and for others it may be to reduce their body fat and change their body composition, or it could simply be to learn what makes up a nutritious meal and diet.


There will be three principals of focus with this nutrition approach. The reason we focus on principals is that nutrition principals are evidence based and provide a framework for nutrition to work specifically for you. This isn’t a paleo or Keto approach, it’s a principal based approach which will give you the self efficacy to control your own nutrition.

The Three Principles

1. Healthy diet

This is the core principle of what a healthy diet looks like and how you can work towards this. This is an inclusive dieting mentality; meaning, we do not exclude foods (you can still have that bit of chocolate or glass of wine). The goal with an inclusive dieting mentality is to try to include as much nutritious food as possible in the diet first before reaching for the glass of wine.

2. Food timing

The second principal will be to teach you about food timing. How we can place our protein, fats and carbohydrates throughout the day to optimise both your workouts and your recovery.

3. Tracking

Energy balance is a core principle when it comes to optimising health and body composition. For this reason one of our principles will be to track our protein and calorie intake. These will be to set targets based on your individual goals.


The cost for this program will be $100 + $5GST/ monthly. This can be added on to your Temenos membership at any time.

What is included in the cost

– One on one messaging with your coach through the app anytime through the week

– Video feedback and check in’s every Monday reflecting of your last week

– Weekly lectures on nutrition

– Access to a members site filled with nutritional lectures

– Monthly & weekly measurements

– Monthly photos

This will be delivered through your own personal profile on our app. This is where you can communicate with your coach, track your calories & protein, and take photos of your food. You simply have to have a profile and the coaching starts through access from your mobile phone.

Nutrition Coaching is delivered and supported by Coach John Cunningham of Built Strong Online Coaching.